Happy Golden Birthday Bosco!🎉.jpg

Bosco - 12 yrs old

Do I get extra treats for this testimonial?

Charlotte has been caring for me for 11 years and now that I am in my golden years she takes extra special care to make sure I get just the right amount of exercise paired with lots of snuggles and treats....

Did I hear  you say you have more treats? 


Luna - 4 yrs old

 I know I am ridiculously good looking but believe it or not I suffered from a big case of stranger danger when I was a puppy. Charlotte and her team really believed in me and helped me gain the confidence I needed to be a more welcome member of the community. 


Bear - 10 yrs old 

I have so much fun when I am with Hiking Tails. I love to get out and walk and hang with my friends. Over the years Chance has become like another brother to me and I don't know what I would do without him!